PanStage is a unique recording platform for music makers. using the app lets you record your song, track by track in multiple sessions making a demo recording with yourself or with anyone using the app. 

The platform is a social recording studio letting players such as guitarists or pianists contribute tracks to each others music, making a demo recording together. 

Like any song it starts with a melody. you record your session, playing, singing or even writing lyrics. You upload it to the PanStage converting your recording automatically in to an mp3 file hosted safely on our servers. 

As the master session creator you have full studio control over your song tracks. you can decide who joins your session, what tracks do you like and want to keep, and what tracks you do not like and want to delete, if its public or privet or if its locked for people to join. 

The app music player will play the entire demo recording letting fans, players and singers listen and participate in your session joining it, making it better with vocals and musical instruments!



​ Your music by people. 

We aim to change the way music is created by providing a free platform for people making music in a crowdsource manner.

PanStage lets players, singers and lyrical writers collaborate by adding recording layers on each other music creating an ever-changing song with the world richest musical instruments and vocals.